King Fischer was founded in Tokyo in 2002, originally importing jewelry, diamonds and watches. The company’s target at the beginning had been bridging between Japanese trading companies and the international market. For that goal, we utilize not only language skills, but also an inside knowledge and understanding of the Japanese culture and the impact it has on business in Japan. In recent years, King Fischer has been providing technology and services to Japanese companies who look to extend their reach to overseas markets. Among our projects, we offer recycled car parts from reputable Japanese auto parts suppliers to customers overseas. Our Japanese database has over 5 million parts and through our UKEROO auto parts platform, we have hundreds of thousands parts already available in English. Even more notably, we are collaborating and providing our services to a leading Tokyo based e-commerce company, which is specialized in authentication and selling of pre-owned luxury brand goods within Japan. We cover all scopes of international customer service, including handling orders, customer inquiries from eBay and the global website, newsletters and marketing, and also conducting business with overseas wholesale customers. Our international team is proficient in several languages, including Spanish, French, German, Russian, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Hebrew and Korean. We aim to expand the language skills we have at our disposal, while maintaining high quality service. We are also involved with a new project – LISUTO! - a new platform that will allow merchants even more accessibility to the global market and connect between big marketplaces throughout the globe. As always, King Fischer is looking to branch out and create new goals - not just to keep up with current trends of the dynamic e-commerce field, but also to lead them. We believe this new platform has the potential to shape and reinvent the online shopping experience.


We offer Thousands of luxury brand pre-owned bags and watches from the Japanese market. eLADY is the leading online seller of authentic pre-owned luxury brand products from Japan and offer thousands of bags, watches & accessories by top brands at amazing prices and superb quality. eLADY offers free express shipping worldwide and accepts returns for full refund within 14 days, no questions asked. All of the items are inspected carefully by expert authenticators and come with a full, lifetime, money back guarantee regarding authenticity.


Collaborating with JARA , a 100% Toyota company, UKEROO is the biggest eBay store selling authentic and recycled auto parts for all Japanese car models.
The inventory covers all types of auto parts, not only for Toyota, but for all Japanese RHD car models, as well as a large number of western car models.

The full catalogue in Japanese features over 1,000,000 parts and UKEROO will be gradually increasing the offerings in English on eBay. All the components are sourced directly from the most reputable car parts recyclers in Japan. The condition of the parts is of the superb quality you have come to expect from Japanese car manufacturers.

UKEROO offer extremely attractive prices, and a rigorous quality control process ensures that each part is passed through a number of stringent checks and inspected carefully, prior to being shipped.
Items are carefully packed to assure they arrive in the same condition as they left the warehouses.
UKEROO is a patent-pending system operated by eLADY Ltd. for the listing of high quality products from Japan on eBay. eLADY Ltd. is a TOP RATED SELLER on eBay.


List once, Sell everywhere

LISUTO! is a business unit within eLADY Ltd. an e-commerce and technology company headquarter in Japan, with offices currently in Tokyo and Tel-Aviv. LISUTO! plans to expand its operations globally.

Current market problem :
Internet is global, but e-marketplaces were largely local, merchants were limited by language and listing in overseas marketplaces was complicated and costly thus preventing sellers from one region to reach buyers from other regions, creating an inefficient global e-marketplace.

Our solution:
Lisuto's mission is to revolutionize global e-commerce by connecting local merchants with customers from all over the globe, enabling for the first time a truly global e-marketplace,
By enabling the sellers to Create listings in their own language and automatically list them in any marketplace and any language.